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  • IIPCC Taipei Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC Toronto Chapter appointed
  • Cooperation partnership signed with Kwangwoon University of the Republic of
  • IIPCC West Chapters will be managed by IIPCC with Mr. Rob Aronoff appointed
    as executive director for the USA and an executive of IIPCC.
  • IIPCC co-launched the Youth Entrepreneurship Experience Program (YEEP), a
    program of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea.




  • WIPO accredits IIPCC as a Permanent Observer
  • IIPCC Guangzhou Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC partners with the Asian Film Association.
  • IIPCC Sacramento Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC San Jose/Silicon Valley appointed.
  • IIPCC San Francisco Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC Los Angeles Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC Seattle Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC appoints Mr. Rob Aronoff as head of IIPCC US West Chapters.
  • Cooperation partnership with the IP Academy of Singapore for Global IP Certification programs.
  • The Honorable Judge Randall Rader joined IIPCC Board of Advisors.




  • IIPCC Singapore Chapter appointed.
  • IIPCC Malaysia Chapter appointed.
  • Professor Guaning Su joined IIPCC as a Board Member.
  • IIPCC Shanghai China Chapter appointed.
  • Cooperation partnership signed with the APEC China Business Council (“APEC CBC”).
  • Cooperation partnership signed with the Pacific Basin Economic Council (“PBEC”).
  • Cooperation partnership signed with Intellectual Asset Management (“IAM”).
  • Professor Carl Schramm joined IIPCC as a Board Member.
  • IIPCC was reorganized by Mr. Kenneth Choy, Mr. Johnson Kong and the management team with new mandates and policies as a non-profit non-partisan global non-government organization (NGO) to support its chapters and members worldwide.
  • IIPCC Hong Kong Chapter was formed by Mr. Al Kwok.
  • IIPCC Korea officially launched.




  • IIPCC commenced chapter licensing discussions with numerous interested parties globally.
  • IIPCC appointed its first international chapter. The chapter is named IIPCC Korea and is located in Seoul, Republic of Korea.